We at TDA believe that there is a direct correlation between workplace design & business performance. Design of a workspace contributes to its brand perception, employee enthusiasm, work efficiency – which in turn influences sales & profitability. 

Our endeavour is to investigate meticulously the spatial requirements, the hierarchies & circulation pattern of both man & material & arrive at an optimum design solution.

HOSPITALITY DESIGN Designs that create memorable experiences
We at TDA understand the need for a hospitality space to create a setting for a guest to unwind, relax & enjoy.

A meticulous investigation of project requirements; careful integration of services; methodical resolution of movements & our creative flair collectively contribute in conceiving a distinct spatial experience & interior image that would create a long lasting impression on all guests.

INSTITUTIONAL DESIGN Designs that liberate
We at TDA believe that the way technology aids learning, creative spatial organization can help transform the environment & supplement the technology in providing a richer learning experience.

An imaginative investigation of institutional requirements can generate a spatial experience that can nurture the young minds’ quest for exploration, experimentation, knowledge & learning.

RESIDENTIAL DESIGN Designs that create warmth
We at TDA understand the conflicting economic compulsions of a real estate design & the aspirations of the home user. 

Our endeavour is to create an efficient plan, maximize cross ventilation; create flexibility for end-user to re-organize as per individual needs & generate opportunities for the developer to have various permutations & combinations of saleable units.