Upper Deck Restaurant, The Acres Club

Completed in : 2003
Lead Architect: Nitin Chodankar
Interior Design Team : Abhijit V. Bhonge , Sangeeta Sanga Panchal , Manali Bhambere , Abdulla Gavandi , Bhushan Kumavat , Piyush Shah , Shirin Kumana , Neha Savla

The  Project

A restaurant measuring about 1600 sq. ft situated at the first floor level of a club in central suburbs.


  • A large open space of 63'- 0” x 23'-0”with columns in between.
  • A curved glass curtain wall on the longer side overlooking the lawn area.

The brief

  • To create seating for about 100 people.
  • To create the ambience for the restaurant,open only to members represented  the symbol of being part of the club exclusive and yet fostering fellowship,symbol of the status and yet frefreshing.
  • To work out the design within a tight budget of  Rs.1500 sq.ft.
  • To  create maintenance free surfaces and easy aceess to the service areas.
  • To provide possibility for large family seating.

The Challenge

  • To create a place for an inidividual where desire for entertainment,relief from boredom and the need to feel distinguished are fulfilled.
  • To create flavours and flexibility for various users.
  • To establish a design vocabulary that was simple enough to execute within the budget and yet strong enough to be entered and experienced.

Our Response

  • To create space which is more formal,sometimes intimate and yet offers sensous experience of eating.
  • To use subtle lighting  to evolve visual interset within a single space.
  • Conscious effort to balance minimal use of colours, materials and elements with disciplined geometry which creates a memorable dining experience.


  • Deep grey vitrified flooring with stainless steel mosaics to not only break the monotony, but to also add a touch of glamour.
  • The large curved wall with glass curtain overlooking a large landscaped garden creates focus for the whole space.
  • Indirect light,stained through red and purple painted cut-outs draws eyes to high ceiling and scatters diffused light to create midly indulatingly lit up spaces.
  • Stucco painted wall in same red and purple completes the envelope.
  • Black vitirfied tile slabs as table tops with red and purple glass mosaics inlays to harmonious with the floor and to accentuate sense of largeness.
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