Subhash Patel

Completed in : 2008
Lead Architect: Chaula Trivedi

Size: 3500 sq. ft


  • The client was extending his existing house to make it more vaastu compliant & wanted to design the interiors incorporating the vaastu principles.
  • Spacious and “upscale” interiors in a modest budget.


  • To ensure that the central void that was required from vaastu perspective unified the space.
  • To create a single interior volume and also retain the individual functional variations.


  • We collaborated with the architects’ for the project & and created a linear vertical void cutting the house into two halves. A free-standing staircase at one end, curved tip wood ceiling on the 1st floor and the curved gypsum ceiling on the ground floor were then introduced to unify the space & create a single volume.
  • The entire house was conceived as a single transparent space with bedrooms as the only opaque elements.
  • The staircase & its landing, the “tipwood “rafter ceiling extending out into the utility space behind & the entrance porch on the front and the skylight connects the central void with the outside both visually and physically.
  • On the ground floor the curved gypsum false ceiling in the living, dining & the open kitchen helps to connect the three spaces on either sides of the void. Similarly the clear glass partition in the gymnasium & the TV room on the first floor, wooden staircase along with tipwood rafters expand the central void visually.
  • Bold colours, wall paper with large motifs & vibrant curtains are used consciously to liven up an overall monochrome interior.


  • Flooring: Italian Marble on the ground floor, vitrified tiles on first floor;
  • Staircase: MS, Wood , tension cables and glass
  • Kitchen Platform: Vitrified tiles
  • Toilets: Vitrified tiles / Glass mosaic, glass partitions, & solid surface counter tops


  • Area = 3,000 Sq.Ft.
  • Total Cost: Rs 50 Lakhs
  • Completion: 2009
  • Location: Vapi
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