Shri Vile Parle Kelvani Mandal – Girls Hostel

Completed in : 2004
Lead Architect Interiors: Chaula Trivedi
Lead Architect: Abhijit Bhonge , Chaula Trivedi
Architecture Design Team : Manali Bhambere , Bhushan Kumavat , Radhika Samarth

Size: 50,000 sq. ft.

For this ground + 6 storied building, the challenge was to accommodate the revised function of a girls’ hostel into the existing structural skeleton of a polytechnic (ground + 4 storey constructed) and yet create environs which are unique to a hostel.

We attempted to create environs which offered not only comfortable accommodation but also design a cheerful ambiance for the residents to study, interact and cherish their grooming into one of the most demanding professional field. It had to be a home away from home. We made very conscious efforts to create a distinct space for each girl with an overall feminine character to the space.

From a categorical black and white corridor different colours seep into the rooms to ensure the transition from common to private space. Colours in lift lobby and lounge accentuate transition from one floor to another. The same colour also filters out onto the exterior as a welcome departure from the gray and white exteriors.

Each space is softened by using floral motifs in different areas as a central theme to give the hostel a distinct feminine aura. The floral motifs are suitably evolved as tile panels in toilets, grills and railings in corridor, motifs in upholstery and furniture in rooms.

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