Parikh Bungalow

Lead Architect : Gargi Potdar

This 30 year old bunglow has been remodeled from a complex jigsaw of dark and dingy interiors into a vibrant, radiant and comtemporary home accomodating the needs and tastes of five family members of three different generations. From 14 rooms at multiple levels, it was transformed to six main spaces (3 bedrooms, living, dining and kitchen) spread over 5 levels.  An optical continuity of space has been maintained through a large cut-out in the centre which enables each member to view others' areas and also provide natural light and ventilation.

Design approach is very minimalistic with a few bold elements to highlight the simplicity of the residence.The living room has a mix of modern furniture and slightly modified Indian-style seating. The kitchen is accentuated with sober colours and touch of  yellow.

Each of the bedrooms were done up to suit occupants' tastes and needs. The senior Parekhs' room has a sober and uncomplicated setting, the master bedroom is simple yest has a touch of style whereas the daughter's bedroom comes alive with the red and black theme.

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