Metlife Insurance Co. Ltd. – Parel

Completed in : 2009
Lead Architect: Abhijit Bhonge
Interior Design Team : Bhushan Kumavat , Rupa Shah , Alpa Bhavsar

Size: 4500 sq. ft.

The Metlife Insurance Company Office in Lower Parel designed by Tushar Desai Associates is spread over the area of 4600 sq.ft.The space is designed keeping in mind harmonious balance of tangible and intangible aspects.

 The main concern guiding the designing of the office of this multinational company was the generation of the design that is highly area efficient other aspects considered were the comfort,convenience and sense of space of the end users ;the natural light and ventilation;efficiency of movement pattern of users;relationship with outside;natural means of climate control and continuity of visual and physical space.

 The methodology applied while designing these spaces was identifying in detail the physical requirements,existing limitations and available opportunities of the space.

Due to constant interaction between the workstations & cabins,it was decided to arrange cabins around the open workstation area.

All spaces are personalized through the use of artifacts.

Being a corporate office the colors used are mainly neutral including white and gray with a hint of blue on some panels. To add a certain visual stimulus colorful paintings have been hung at appropriate locations. The pantry and cafeteria are designed in vibrant colors. This helps to break the monotony of the workspaces and also enlivens the space,thus helping the employee's to unwind and relax.

 The ceiling is designed in harmony with the flooring and the passage areas. It is mainly made of gypsum and modular ceiling. The air-conditioning and fire fighting systems installed in the ceiling are designed keeping in mind the design of the false ceiling. The false ceiling in the conference room and the training room,have an additional wooden element incorporated to beautify the ceiling and to increase efficiency of sound absorption.

 The office area is illuminated with the perfect balance of direct and indirect lighting. The workspaces are mainly illuminated with down-lighters for easy visibility. A play of direct and indirect lighting enhances the ceiling design. Special hanging lights are installed in the reception area to beautify its interiors.

 The Metlife office is an example of systematic designing of space where all the aspects of designing are thoughtfully planned out and are united to form a space that is complete in itself.

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