KES – S.C College of Commerce

Completed in : 2010-onwards
Lead Architect: Abhijit Bhonge , Chaula Trivedi
Architecture Design Team : Gayitri Kantak , Riddhi Rathod

Size: 175000 Sq. Ft.

The challenge of designing 2,00,000 sq.ft built-up area on a 19,000 sq.ft plot, while adhering to Mumbai bye-laws was to create an environ conducive to learning academics while nurturing the future aspirations of impressionable minds. We decided to scoop out the central portion in form of terraces & voids from this evident vertical structure to allow for visual connectivity between consecutive floors as well as encourage “outside classroom” interaction amongst the students. The terraces are deliberately lowered from the floor level to emphasize it as a “break-out” space

Keeping in mind the need for an academic space to be flexible, the structural grid is designed to allow for various permutations & combinations. To make the institution financially viable retail & commercial spaces are proposed at lower 3 levels. With 3 level podium parking – the college virtually starts from the 7th floor upwards. The design & location of fire refuge spaces combined with the central terraces & voids creates a solid built form punctuated with vertical gardens.

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