Illusions Restobar, The Acres Club

Completed in : 2003
Lead Architect: Abhijit Bhonge
Architecture Design Team : Abdulla Gavandi , Bhushan Kumavat , Shirin Kumana

Size: 50,000 sq. ft.

The brief was to create multi-activity, multi-function space capable of being a family place in week days and a pub-discotheque during week-end with live performances, which also doubled as a private party place. We conceived the space with natural contrast between black and white to establish simplicity and starkness.

Minimal use of colours, materials and elements combined with disciplined geometry and organization ensured a sense of elegance and severity instead of loudness and exuberance.

“Art” in form of M C Eischer drawings in black and white on back lit vinyl to create light elements in family seating & Vasarely Graphics on back lit vinyl over the bar as an only strong coloured element to create focus, give identity and embellishment to the space

Use of light with varying intensities & colours, level differences create and identify different activities and thus evolve visual interest within a single space.

Black mosaic flooring with frosted mirror chips not only breaks the monotony, but also adds a touch of glamour. Also the strategically placed cylindrical light cut-outs with low wattage lights in the ceiling create a rich visual experience.

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