D. J. Sanghvi Engg. College

Completed in : 2001
Lead Architect : Nitin Chodankar
Interior Design Team : Kalpita Thole

Size: 9300 sq. ft

Our concern while renovating the 45' x 110' single open hall into an I.T. Department was to strike a fine balance between formal, stark, spartan and disciplined image of an educational institute and informal, lively, pleasant to hang around ambience that age group 16-22 yrs can relate to.

 The use of corridor as a buffer between the road & the classrooms allowed for natural light to filter in. Lowering the entrance area in the classroom & exposing the existing ceiling / beams enhances the existing height. The corridor is designed as a positive space allowing and encouraging student’s interaction apart from smooth flow of movement.

The use of controlled geometrical forms - allowed to break selectively, new modern materials and informal but streamlined geometry in furniture, surface voids - openings & bright colours create a dynamic and pleasant, space that 16-22 yrs age group can relate to.

    D.J. Sanghvi Sectional Drawing
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