Babu Mehra

Lead Architect : Gargi Potdar

By combining two 3bhk apartments on consecutive floors, this house has been reconfigured to be a free flowing space for a family of five.

 A siporex wall defines the entry to the house and also allows direct access to the kitchen without  using the living room. The design of the dining is influenced by the pillar which separate the dining from the bar. The emphasis in the living-cum-dining room  has been the decor and dual seating arrangements.

 The kitchen has been extended by using the original bedroom space and finished with composite marble, bisazza and mother-of-pearl tiles for vibrancy. The glass, wood and steel staircase has been made to appear floating.

The daughters' room on the upper level is dominated by shocking pick and green colours with a compact seating carved out between two pillars. The bathroom features wood finished ceramic tiles, a slanting glass ceiling and a wall covered by family photos. The master bedroom is dominated by wood. Windows have been provided on opposite walls to ensure ventilation.

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