The Green Acres Academy, Chembur

Completed in : 2011- onwards
Lead Architect: Chaula Trivedi
Architecture Design Team : Riddhi Rathod

Client Brief:

  • To design a K-12 school following the norms of ICSE board
  • The school building would be built in 3 phases
  • A one line mandate: school should not be a “jail”.

 Our Concerns:

  • It was vital that the building remains valid for an individual child- from as a toddler to a teenager and also to the subsequent generations - The school must go beyond the 3 dimensions of space & cater to the 4th dimension of time.
  • Fast changing technology, constant syllabus overhauling, makes it imperative that the column free spaces to be flexible, and able to regroup.
  • To integrate a variety of un-programmed spaces without compromising the commercial viability of the project, considering the high land prices in Mumbai
  • To create a sense of expanse in an essentially high rise building.

 Our Approach:

  • The floor plate was divided in 3 blocks. The end blocks became the class room; the middle one was shifted at split level, and housed the common areas like laboratories, art room, and library, etc.
  • Free of FSI internal staircase was created to connect all levels. The staircases were planned to became the hub of unplanned interactions. The playful design & the colour treatment emphasized the informality of the space.
  • Along the access route, the corridors were widened to create pauses strategically, to allow for informal dialogues.
  • The split level also created a sense of expanse of space in a very limited floor space.
  • The principles of passive climate control were followed to optimise the use of natural light & ventilation by scientifically capturing and guiding wind through corridors and natural sunlight through the light shelves.
  • The scientific requirements were well balanced with building bye-laws to create a striking design feature - length windows.
  • The 3 bands of windows allow for bringing in the light and wind and offering views to every age group.
  • Exposed concrete, with its allusions to timelessness, ruggedness, neutrality became the clear choice as backdrop. Silver anodized aluminium windows & light shelves were used externally to complement the concrete. A wide palette of primary, secondary and tertiary colours were used in interiors to infuse life and vibrancy.
  • While retaining the exposed RCC finish  grooves and cut-outs within beams and columns were introduced; to integrate the services & structure.

Size: 75000 Sq. Ft.

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