The Acres Club

Lead Architect Interiors: Nitin Chodankar
Lead Architect: Abhijit Bhonge
Architecture Design Team : Sangeeta Sanga Panchal , Manali Bhambere , Abdulla Gavandi , Bhushan Kumavat , Piyush Shah , Shirin Kumana , Neha Savla

For this clubhouse in a central Mumbai suburb targeting middle level executives in late thirties/ early forties, we created three separate buildings housing the varying functions namely club activities, non- club activities and health and sports activities which are inter connected by an atrium and bridges as appropriate. The atrium is a singular binding element onto which the corridors and staircases open,acting like an indoor street.

We have attempted to evolve an exclusive contemporary urban interior experience yet create a leisure environment and a spaciousness to relax, rejuvenate and refresh the users.  Our focus was on maintaining a sense of continuity and consistency throughout the buildings ensuring a smooth transition from one space to another. Colours and materials have been extensively used as means of highlighting and enhancing the spatial quality distinct to the function of the area.

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